Curt's Brick & Stone, LLC: Providing value by delivering quality, one project at a time.

Curt's Brick & Stone, LLC: Our management creates value by refining processes, our team builds upon quality through continued training and our reputation grows as we win customer support one relationship at a time. We will become the number one name in the residential patio and driveway industry of Central Ohio. We truly are a small company building a BIG reputation.


The Difference:

Curt's Brick & Stone, LLC is the ears of the patio and driveway industry. We are never short of suggestions, but instead of telling you what you want we listen to what you have to say. We offer fully customizable designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave plenty of money in your wallet. A large part of money-saving efficiency is based on experience and we have plenty of it. Over the last 15 years we have installed more than 1,500 patios and driveways right here in Central Ohio. We really do make the difference in your patio and driveway experience.



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Curt Livingston, Curt's Brick and Stone, LLC